Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Witch girl a new Japanese fashion?

We’re cute but also poisonous.

Today I would like to share something that got my interest a little while ago. Japan has always been one of those lets-start-a-new-fashion countries. I've never heard of another country that invented so much different fashion styles. There are hundreds of blogs and websites around that will give you a view inside Japanese fashion. Some of my favorites are: and  just to name a few.

To be honest I am no expert in Japanese fashion but there are some trends that I like in particularly. One of them being lolita fashion and more recently mori girl. The fact that most fashion styles evolve around lifestyles is something that fascinates me. I am in no way a lifestyle/fashionstyle follower but I find it kinda interesting that people feel the need to express their lifestyle into their clothing but that's a whole different kind of discussion. Anyway thanks to a post on facebook I stumbled upon the term Witch girl
魔女ガール ).

It seems to be a new fashion style that's based around ( no suprise there.... witchcraft ) There isn't much information to be found on the internet yet but it really got my attention. The basics for this fashion seems to come from mori girl ( or wood girl ) which started around 2009. Witch girl seems to be the younger darker sister. 

The magazine for this fashion is MISTY ( fortune magazine). A magazine that focussus on witchcraft.
MISTY magazine has made an index for witch girls.

( This is a rough translation )

1.  Be one with nature
2.  Be good to nature
3. Stay focused don't lose yourself
4. Believe in your intuition
5. Believe in the future
6. Believe in yourself
7. Be happy with what you have
8. Be honest to yourself and others
9. Be who you are don't let others judge you for your beliefs
10.  Discover the world, be curious.

The big difference between Witch girl and all other fashions is that Witch girl wants to be a fashion that comes from the inside. It wants to be a way to show that you are a spiritual being. I am not sure how this will evolve into a fashion. But it most definitely sounds like something I will keep my eye on. And who knows maybe next year I can say: Oh witch girl? I blogged about it a year are soooooo 2011. ;)

Witch Girl - A darker version of Mori Girl

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